When the Cat’s Away, the Mouse Stares at the Wall

“I’m hungry.”

“When are you done working?”

“When is it lunchtime?”

These are the routine interruptions I generally deal with as I am trying to finish up my work for the morning. By noon, I am usually at my breaking point, and there is still the long afternoon ahead, most of which I spend literally trying to keep the kids out of each other’s hair. Some days I am successful.

This morning was much quieter. My oldest is spending the week with her grandparents, so that just leaves the baby, who is much easier to manage because she usually naps for most of the morning. I was able to complete my work without interruption and finished 15 minutes earlier than usual.

Then, with fewer people to argue the day’s menu, lunch went by much more smoothly as well. When the baby went down for an early afternoon nap, I had at least two hours of ‘me’ time.

Ah, ‘me’ time. Something not fully appreciated until after one becomes a parent. The time a mother can spend doing those things she hasn’t done since before that little stick revealed that her life was about to be turned completely upside-down. There are any number of possibilities for ‘me’ time.

What did I do with my ‘me’ time? I plopped myself down on the couch and stared at the wall.

I could have watched the Britcoms I have saved on the DVR, finished reading the book I started months ago, even repainted my toenails. No, instead I sat there and contemplated the wall.

I simply could not figure out what I was supposed to do with myself. And there was no one there to tell me that we were going to build a secret hideout or have an indoor picnic. No one to argue with me when I said the toys had to be picked up first. It was just me. Me and the wall.

When I left the kiddo with my parents, I was happy that I would be enjoying a week without the usual chaos. Yes, I would still have one kid with me, but she is much more easily contained and entertained. I would have time to myself.

Every mother’s dream is to have time to herself.

I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to get through the next six days…

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3 Responses to When the Cat’s Away, the Mouse Stares at the Wall

  1. Zozo's Mom says:

    Wall staring is a totally acceptable past time. Eating chocolate is also good. I often stare at the wall. Seriously. It centers me and helps get a tiny bit of patience back. Patience seems to be a necessary skill for a parent. And something I am often lacking.

  2. You are so right. When I am in the middle of a deadline, atleast 10 different things pop into my head which I would liek to do, but simply don’t have the time for. And when I do have the time, what happens? I have forgotten those things I needed to do. And usually end up sleeping.

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