Can a Band-Aid fix a Broken Heart? I Hope So…

In the eyes of a 6-year-old, a Band-Aid will fix anything. Scrape your knee? You need a Band-Aid. Bump your elbow, and it’s not so funny? A Band-Aid will soon get you laughing again. Whack yourself on the head with your not-so-trusty stick horse? A Band-Aid can make you and Flicka friends again.

As a parent, I am of the mind that if it is not broken or bleeding, I don’t need to be bothered with it. And it certainly does not need medical attention. Yet, my daughter has become dependent on the Band-Aid. Any bump, bruise, or scrape (even if I can’t see it) needs a Band-Aid.

I tried to cure her of this dependence by throwing out all the bandages that featured cartoon characters. I foolishly thought that Scooby-Do and the Disney Princesses were responsible for her addiction. My thinking was to take away the glamour so that she wouldn’t want it anymore. As an intelligent woman, I know that addiction does not work this way. As a mother, I’m sometimes not an intelligent woman.

So we no longer have colorful Band-Aids in the house. They’re the plain brown kind I grew up with. However, the reasons my sweet child needs a Band-Aid are not devoid of color.

“I have a mosquito bite, and it itches, and I need a Band-Aid so I won’t itch it.” (I don’t see the so-called bite.)

“I hurt my toe on the floor, and I need a Band-Aid so it doesn’t hurt when I walk.” (How did you hurt your toe on the floor?)

“My baby bumped her head, and she needs a Band-Aid so she won’t cry.” (I draw the line at putting Band-Aids on a plastic doll.)

I know Band-Aids offer some measure of comfort in her little world. So I usually give my speech about her not actually needing a Band-Aid and then give it to her anyway. If it stops the tears, it’s a small sacrifice to make.

My girl is away this week to visit her grandparents. When I called to check on her, the first words out of her mouth were, “I fell and had to get four Band-Aids.”

I confirmed with my mother that there was, in fact, blood involved. Thus, there was the need for at least one Band-Aid. I suspect there may have been a couple that served simply to comfort an injured girl away from home.

But if four Band-Aids are what she needed to get her up and having a good time again, I will hold my tongue. I know that soon enough we will have problems that can’t be fixed with a whole box of Band-Aids.

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4 Responses to Can a Band-Aid fix a Broken Heart? I Hope So…

  1. Tinkertoot says:

    haha I know the feeling, my daughter when 4 fell off a foot stool and upon inspection of her wounds found a hole in her bumb – out came the band aid – they do not stick in that area let me tell you..

  2. ummaknowsbest says:

    gosh, my four year old daughter is the same way! but that last line you said brought tears to my eyes just thinking of her growing up! maybe I’ll just buy her those hello kitty ones she wanted- this season won’t last long, might as well let her enjoy those band-aids!

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