I’m Baaack!

Did you miss me? If yes, I’m flattered. If no, I won’t lose sleep over it.

As I indicated in my last post, I have been devoting the past month to my other blog (Yes, I wasn’t busy enough, so I started another one). With November behind us, I am ready to embrace December and all its insanity — end of the semester, having both kids home for winter break, Christmas parties, shopping, overindulgence in Christmas treats, decorating the house even though we won’t be here for the actual day, etc. But first, let me give you a brief recap of some of the craziness that happened in my absence:

1. I felt the earth move under my feet.

Three times. Bear in mind that I don’t live in a state that is known for its earthquakes. We generally make the news for our F4’s not our 5.6’s. Yet, earlier this month, we experienced both the earth moving and the wind sweeping down the plain on the same day, which prompted the use of the term “quakenado” in various media sources.

2. I talked to the trees.

Okay, so I didn’t literally talk to them, but I did walk amongst them while silently reciting Frost and Thoreau to myself. My family spent Thanksgiving at a cabin in the woods, and being that I haven’t been able to sleep in since the birth of my first child (even when the kids are not with me), I awoke one morning before anyone else and decided to go for a walk. I didn’t tell anybody where I was going, and I didn’t feel guilty for it. I wanted to “live deliberately.” And that I did, realizing that though I needed to lose myself in the woods, I couldn’t afford to get lost. So, when faced with “two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” I had to return because there are always “miles to go before I sleep.”

So, like it or not, here I am. Back to life. Back to reality. (And with En Vogue lyrics now stuck in my head.)

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5 Responses to I’m Baaack!

  1. Libby Lu says:

    Love this post! Welcome back. You were missed!

  2. brn2blsm says:

    Do you live in OK? I used to live in Oklahoma City.

  3. Glad you’re back! Your walk sounds great, even if it ended a bit sooner than you would have liked.

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