A Clouded Mind on a Cloudless Day

It’s been almost a month since I last posted, and this is unusual for me. There was a time when as a very new blogger I was posting at least twice a week. The only other time I did not post here for a long period of time (in web terms anyway) was the month that I dedicated myself to another project. This time, I just seem to be out of sorts (or at least out of words). Life and the kids have certainly given me enough material to work with, but I just haven’t felt the desire to sit down and write it out. I suppose it’s safe to say that I have the winter blues. (As I write this, the sky is clear, and the temperature is 65 degrees, but it is still winter, so that’s the excuse I’m going with.)

Or maybe I’ve been waiting for lightning to strike. I’m not a professional writer (largely because I’m inconsistent with my writing). I don’t seem to have the commitment it takes to do this outside of my little corner of cyberspace. I keep telling myself that one day I will write brilliant things that publishers will be clamoring for. I just need that one awe-inspiring idea that will ignite itself beyond my own control. I know this is not the way it actually works, but it’s a nice idea.


No lightning.

Just me. And the emptiness.

I hate to dedicate a post to my blah-ness. I’d rather make you laugh at the crazy things my kids have been doing. Or sit in awe at the wit and wisdom I am able to find through this overwhelming journey that is parenthood. Today that is not happening. On the bright side, though, I will have posted on a day that only comes once every four years. That’s something. I suppose there is a silver lining to my clouded mind.

On that note, I’m going to sign off for now. The kids and I have some sunshine to enjoy.

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3 Responses to A Clouded Mind on a Cloudless Day

  1. Sometimes the words get caught up on their way out. Here’s hoping they shake out of you soon.

  2. Hey, don’t be to hard on yourself, we all hit those dead spots of posting. I think that’s normal….if not, you and I are in the same boat!! =) I love the style and look of your blog! I just followed it and look forward to reading your posts!!

  3. I have been feeling this way, too. I think I might just start posting again and see if the lightning shows up if I keep my fingers to the keyboard.

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