Summer Fun: Day One

Today marked the start of my month-long quest to keep the kids from getting bored (which inevitably leads to them getting on each other’s nerves as well as mine). Before bedtime last night, I pulled down the Summer Fun tin and let Omelette draw the first activity. It was (drum roll please) play at Chick-fil-A!

Chick-fil-A is one of our favorite haunts. Not only does it have better food than other popular chains, but it offers a cleaner  play area as well. And it certainly beats the heat!

We delayed our outing until late afternoon (when the heat was most certainly on). My parents had come in yesterday for Omelette’s dance recital and stayed the night. After a morning swim at their hotel, we had some lunch, and they headed back home. I put Early Bird down for her nap and started Omelette on the summer workbook I bought for her last week (my other secret weapon for keeping her occupied). When Early Bird woke up, we were ready to go!

Late afternoon is a good time. The lunch crowd has come and gone, so there are few other children around. I don’t like being in a play area when there is a crowd of (mostly) unsupervised children on the loose. It has happened on more than one occasion that I am the only adult present, and that doesn’t work for me. The older kids do not watch out for the younger kids, and though there is an area designated for the younger ones, the older ones often run through and threaten to knock over anyone in their path. (You want to ruffle a mother hen’s feathers? Just get too close to her little chick.) And with Early Bird trying out her wings and venturing up into the play gym and down the slide, I have to be sure there are as few threats to her safety as possible. (Her own clumsiness is enough for me to worry about.)

As it turned out, my kids were the only ones present for much of the time we were there. This gave Early Bird the opportunity to practice climbing and sliding in relative safety. There was only one minor incident when she tried to come down the steps and tumbled down instead. She didn’t even cry. It was the perfect outing, made even more so with some cookies and milk.

I had mine in sundae form.

Even Hatchling had a good time. The sundae prompted a series of approving kicks.

So that’s day one of our summer fun. Coming tomorrow: design a flower garden!

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