Summer Fun: Day Three

Today’s activity had to do with alien creatures and planets. The idea was to create our own universe (something Omelette — who lives in her own world — is already skilled in doing).

It turned out to be a good thing that today’s activity was an indoor one because it rained for much of the morning. Still, Omelette and I ventured out for some googly eyes, glitter glue, and craft poms poms. The last of these items turned out to be the hit of the day. We pretended they were moon rocks, and the kids had a blast with them. Their excitement over the colorful balls inspired me to step out of character and dump them all over the floor.

My little astronauts loved walking on this colorful moonscape. And I loved the enthusiasm with which they collected moon rocks and brought them back to the mothership for scientific study (easiest clean-up job ever)!

While Early Bird took her nap, Omelette and I put the other supplies to good use.

In addition to this fun project, I managed to sneak some learning into the day. The moon rocks served as a great way to introduce Omelette to multiplication. All I did was show her how to group them together, and she kept asking me for problems to solve.

Moon rock math rocks!

All in all, the day was another success. In fact, I’d say it was out of this world!

Coming tomorrow: playing zookeeper

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