Summer Fun: Day Four

We built a zoo!

It’s amazing the creativity a box of Lincoln Logs and some Legos can inspire. By now, Omelette knows that when I pull out my cell phone to take a picture, it is likely for my blog. She also knows that I have been documenting our Summer Fun activities. Today, she wanted to help out, so she volunteered to take the pictures.

After I uploaded the pictures to the computer, Omelette asked me to print them out so she could make them into a picture book.

The afternoon ended with Omelette and Early Bird pretending to be animals (which is not too much a stretch of the imagination).

After dinner, we’re going to have a family movie night and watch We Bought a Zoo. Then it will be off to bed to get ready for tomorrow’s crayon creations!

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One Response to Summer Fun: Day Four

  1. Sydney B. says:

    Awww… cute! The joy of Children! 🙂

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