Summer Fun: Day Six

The theme of today’s Summer Fun was campfire stories. This gave us the opportunity to check out the new library. Compared to the building closer to our house, the new location is quite modern with its kids’ play area, self-checkout, and automated book return that allows the patron to watch on a screen as each book moves along a conveyor belt and gets spit into one of the bins lining it. The water faucets in the bathroom were even something to admire.

Armed with our books, we headed home for a campfire lunch. No, we did not build a fire in our living room. Instead, we had microwaved hot dogs and oven-baked s’mores. (Now that I know how to make this treat in the oven, I will have to keep our cabinets stocked with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.)

Bellies full, it was time for a nap. Well, two of us took a nap. I let Omelette set up her play tent (the one I never let her bring into the living room because of its inconveniently large size) and watch a movie while Early Bird and I slept. Then, the three of us settled in for our campfire stories, board books for Early Bird and short chapter books for Omelette. I even read from a kids’ book of ghost stories I just happened to spot on the shelf at the library.

Short from actually sleeping under the stars, I’d say our little campout was a hit.

What’s in store for tomorrow? An art store!

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4 Responses to Summer Fun: Day Six

  1. Looks like they loved it and thats whats important 🙂

  2. Sara says:


  3. I like the campfire lunch idea.

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