Summer Fun: Day Seven

Welcome to Artstravaganza!

These are one-of-a-kind Omelette originals. On the top row moving from left to right are Lonely Flower, Red and Green Tower, Green Field, and Blue Sky. On the middle row from left to right are Mouse, Cat, and Dog. The bottom row features (from left to right) Awesome Outer Space, Rainbow Area, and Flower Garden.

Any of these masterpieces can be purchased from the artist for a reasonable price. We’re talking nickels, dimes, and quarters, folks. (She was a little disappointed when I told her that we were not actually going to sell these from our front yard, but if any of my loyal readers would be interested in buying an Omelette original, I’m sure she would be willing to work out a deal.)

Here is a closer look at her artwork:

Lonely Flower

Red and Green Tower

Green Field

Blue Sky




Awesome Outer Space

Rainbow Area

Flower Garden

Early Bird also has some contributions to offer. Here are her creations:



If you’re not interested in shopping at our art store, at least come back tomorrow for another Summer Fun activity. It’ll be a splash!

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One Response to Summer Fun: Day Seven

  1. LalaMoosh says:

    I LOVE her work! I wish I could send her pics of my critters (goofy & spastic 1 yr old white German shepherd, 9 cats (oh my! All different colors, fur length & shapes too), birds (I have Aiko, the psycho Nanday conure, a yellow love bird, a green parakeet & LOTS of cockatiels) & a butterly Oscar fish, Valentina (she was a Valentine’s Day present 3 years ago) & she shares her tank with a plecostamus (aka pleco, named Mr Plecostamus) & the froggies in our pond outside (now that it’s stable, we’ll get more fish who might last if the hawks & owls leave them be (who knew suburbia in South-western NJ had so many raptors? Last fall we also had some monstrous sized wood stork & a masked Booby clean us out of all but 3 fish & 1 frog last year. We heard a THUD on the roof, hubster & I ran out to see these 2 gobbling down our 18 inch & too pricy to discuss koi & comets, then the girls came out & went looloo! Even then, those hungry birds kept plucking off the fish.) My girls are currently painting seashells (just as my best friend & I did every summer & sold to the tourists on Long Beach Island, NJ) & are planning to send them to Gramma & Poppers. I hope our little ones will always be inspired to create art. I truly love art made by little hands more than those done by “the masters.” Tell Omlette to keep ’em coming!

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