Summer Fun: Days Twelve and Thirteen

I seem to be starting a trend by including two days in a single post. Such is my life at the moment. The days are running into each other, and there is nothing I can do to stop this. I also cannot seem to stop my to-do list from growing ever longer. Today, however, I did have to stop and take a nap. Best thing I’ve done all week.

Yesterday was another full day. Some of my friends were meeting at the zoo for children’s story time, so we joined them for the morning. Story time took place in the Children’s Zoo, which has a wading creek and spray zone, so after the story, I suited up the girls to play in the water. When lips started turning blue, we toweled off, changed back into dry clothes, and headed over to the cafe for lunch. Then, it was time to see some animals.

The Summer Fun activity for the day was to make a picture book. This, of course, required pictures, so I let Omelette snap some shots with my phone (urging her to please be careful not to drop the phone into the animal enclosure). When we got home, we uploaded the pictures to the computer and did some photo editing. Then, we used the Walgreens website to put together our very own photo book. It should arrive in the mail next week.

After yesterday’s activity, I was wiped out. I had intended to use the evening to get caught up on grades for the online class I’m teaching this summer. That didn’t happen. Instead, I parked myself on the couch for a night of watching crime show reruns.

This morning, the grades would wait no longer. I put on a movie for the girls and set to work. No sooner had I sat down than there was some kind of a skirmish in the living room. (I still don’t know who started it.) Then, there was the request for juice, followed by a phone call from Roostler asking me to check the balance on his bank account. By the time I finally got settled into grading mode, it was lunchtime. Then nap time, which turned into two hours of chasing Early Bird down the hall and returning her, kicking and screaming, to her bed.

In the meantime, there was still today’s Summer Fun activity to do. Omelette and I were going to play restaurant. I had her make out a menu, and when this was ready, she was open for business. We took turns being the waiter and customer, but after yesterday’s trek around the zoo and this morning’s frustrating turn of events, I just wasn’t into it. After my turn, I told Omelette I would let her play on the computer while I took a nap. I’m certainly glad I did because the day wasn’t through with me.

As I reflect on the past two days, Early Bird is sitting in her high chair turning her ravioli into body art. There is also a mess of craft poms all over the living room floor because earlier she found my hiding spot in the office and triumphantly came running into the living room waving the open bag above her head. On top of these messes, there are still grades to be done.

It’s going be a long night…

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