Summer Fun: Days Fourteen and Fifteen

Wrapping up the third week of Summer Fun involved some hunting — first for dinosaurs, then for treasure!

Thursday was dinosaur day. I had in mind that we were going to make dinosaur skeletons from pasta, but we didn’t have enough fun pasta shapes in the cabinet, so it was off to Target to buy some. Then, with Hobby Lobby right across the street, I thought we’d see what kind of dinosaur-inspired fun they had to offer. We found some dinosaur figures and an excavation kit, which we could use to dig for our very own dinosaur bones.

Home with our prehistoric treasure, we went on a dinosaur hunt, an activity both Omelette and Early Bird could participate in. I hid the dinosaur figures around the living room (in easy places for Early Bird and harder places for Omelette). Then, they each went hunting, Easter-egg style. Hiding the dinosaurs this way inspired Early Bird to do her own hiding.

After lunch and with Early Bird down for her nap, Omelette and I set up the table for our dinosaur dig.

The process was tedious and dusty, but we manage to dig out all 14 bones. Or so we thought. Somehow one of the bones went unaccounted for, and we ended up with the world’s first three-legged brachiosaur.

Later in the afternoon, I gave Omelette some assorted pasta shapes, glue, and construction paper so she could create her own dinosaur skeleton (with an even number of legs).

Meet noodlesaurus.

Ah, the dinosaur days of summer…

On Friday, we hunted for treasure. I had Omelette put together a treasure chest, and we took turns making treasure maps.

To continue the theme, I found an online treasure hunt game that required the player to use coordinates to locate the treasure. I even found a program (through our local library’s website) that could teach us to talk like pirates. Aye, we be swashbucklers now!

Hunting around for fun activities to do this summer has been an adventure so far. Only one week left in our quest!

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