Summer Fun: Days Seventeen and Eighteen

We’re almost to the finish line!

Tuesday’s activity was to write a story. I thought Omelette would have more enthusiasm for this activity, and initially she seemed excited. But when it came down to it, the story she wrote consisted of five sentences (about a dolphin who couldn’t swim and had to get around on its mother’s back until some friends intervened and gave the poor creature swimming lessons) and no pictures. I tried to encourage her to add more details and illustrate her work, but she wasn’t interested.

Wednesday’s activity generated more involvement. We tested our artistic and architectual skills with Play Doh and drinking straws, making our own geometric (and abstract) sculptures.

This brings us to today (Thursday) and then on to the grand finale tomorrow, which I’m sure will prove to be both exciting and exhausting. (I’ve saved something special for last.) Today is Omelette’s choice (of which you will have to read about in the next post).

Until next time…

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One Response to Summer Fun: Days Seventeen and Eighteen

  1. Kerry says:

    We’ve done WEdnesday’s activity with mini-marshmallows and toothpicks! Lots of fun…

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