Olympic Sports My Toddler Should Compete In

Every four years, countries across the globe unite in the spirit of competition. We all watch as our athletes vie for a medal. Our hearts swell with pride when we see our flag raised for all to see. We find ourselves singing along with our national anthem when one of our own secures the gold. And we feel a crushing disappointment when a favorite falls short of the goal.

Yes, the Olympics are something to celebrate. As are the athletes that compete in the games. I find myself marvelling at the things they can do with their bodies. Twists, flips, lifts, jumps, digs, and turns, all with strength and stamina I can only envy.

Yet, having a toddler offers me the chance to marvel at the  unique abilities of a small child on a daily basis. I don’t have to wait for the Olympics to watch my dear Early Bird prove herself in a number of events.

Her strongest event by far is the Toy Toss. In this event, she surpasses all expectations by proving she can spread her entire collection of toys across multiple rooms in less than five minutes. She even manages to stash them in places I didn’t know they would fit or she could even get to. In a similar event, the Toy Dash, she demonstrates the ability to beat any parent or older sibling in a race to see whether her opponent can find and replace each item before she can scatter them in new places.

These events may speak to her strength and skill, but the next showcases her stamina. She could win gold in the No-Nap-A-Thon. She has certainly spent many an hour in training. And this past week, she was in the zone. Getting up before 7 AM and staying awake until nearly 4 PM has got to be some sort of record. She hit this mark three times last week.

Of course, the No-Nap-A-Thon goes hand in hand with the 400 Meter Meltdown. Again, her stamina is astounding, especially when you consider that she goes from one event straight into the other. In the 400 Meter Meltdown, she has proven time and again that she can outposture and outscream even the toughest opponent. And her response time really helps her to excel in this event. Once that trigger is fired, she is off, and there’s no stopping her.

So there you have it. The events that show even a toddler can outsport me any day. I can only imagine how her abilities will develop in the next four years.

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2 Responses to Olympic Sports My Toddler Should Compete In

  1. Great post – very funny.
    Gooo dluck to your daughter as she perfects her skills through hours of practice all in the hope of becoming an Olympian.

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