It’s a Family Thing

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that the face of today’s family is changing. Both broken and blended, my family is part of that change.

My older daughter comes from a marriage that ended just shy of the 10-year mark. My ex and I share custody, and we have worked to stay in good communication regarding her care. It has not been easy, but somehow all three of us have survived.

My younger daughter is from my current relationship. She is not yet aware of the intricacies of her family situation, but I’m sure she will soon realize that she and her sister do not call the same man “Daddy.” She will also have to face the reality that her sister is not with us half the time. I am hoping she will adapt as well as the older one has.

I have always thought of myself as one who breaks the traditional mold, so I suppose it’s appropriate that my family structure does so as well. I realize some may think such changes to the traditional family are a threat to society, but I don’t see it that way. Instead, I see a family that has worked to overcome difficulties and adapted to each other’s needs better than many traditional families have done. With three parents and two households, we’ve had to. And though my older daughter sometimes wishes for a house that is big enough for her whole family to live in (and by this she means not just the five of us but her extended family on all three sides as well), I don’t fear for her future.

Both of my children will grow up knowing that things are not always the way they want them to be. Yet they will also know that their family will always be there even though we may not always be together. And the family that teaches this important life lesson is fine with me.


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