Harry Potter Comes to the Science Museum

Last night, my older daughter and I celebrated the release of the final Harry Potter movie in style. Science museum style.

The evening started with an all-school assembly. We were given our notices of where we could and could not go and what we could and could not do. (Staircases change in museums, too.) Then, we were treated to a magical demonstration complete with Peruvian Darkness Powder and Polyjuice Potion gone wrong. (Adding spider eggs to the mix creates a lot of BOOM!)

After our demonstration, we were dismissed to our classes where we were introduced to the wonderful world of wizard lore.

First on our list was the art of wand-making. Mine has a purple unicorn hair in its core, hers a pink phoenix feather.

With wand in hand, my little witch began casting various spells on me. She made up a few of her own, but by far, her favorite was to shout “Expelliarmus” and watch my wand fly out of my hand.

Next, we studied the various properties of troll bogeys. (Did you know they glow in the dark?) One of us was not impressed and had to dismiss herself to wash her hands.

After our education on troll bogeys, we moved on to the finer points of wizard chess. Neither of us are very skilled, but no matter.

Next on the agenda was potion-making. Though harmless, I wouldn’t recommend trying either.

We then practiced our defensive spells on a rather fierce-looking dragon

and learned about snakes and their habits from a real Parselmouth. (I observed from a safe distance.)

During break, we sought out a group to practice Quidditch, but alas, this was not in the cards due to the unfortunate appearance of a fire-flavored every flavor bean. We had to go in search of a butter beer to put out the flames.

After our magical education was concluded, we were summoned to join in the battle to defeat Voldemort. So, we stowed our wands and loaded up on the Knight Bus, ready to fight the good fight. Neither the Dark Lord nor my little witch made it through. She found a not-so-comfortable retreat about halfway into it.

When the fight was over, we made our way back to the castle and retired to our common rooms where not even a peevish poltergeist could have disturbed our enchanted dreams.

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